Halloweekend 2022

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No matter how you plan to show your love for the fun, fright, and delight of Halloween this year, we’ve got a monster list of ways to celebrate! From trick-or-treat to virtual parties, we’re the ultimate source for great ideas to help make the most of the 4-day Halloweekend!

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Halloween Trends for 2022

What’s new – costumes, face paint, decorations and more

As the authority on all things Halloween, the HCA tracks influencers and social trends to identify the biggest costume trends for the upcoming year. Frightening face masks, special FX kits, even trending look-alike costumes … we have the inside scoop on the must-have gear for Halloween 2022!

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Making Halloween Happen

Our members are the costume creating, trend-setters that turn Halloween and countless other occasions into magical moments and extraordinary memories. Not a bad gig, huh? Check out our masterful Halloween makers!

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