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The groundswell for Halloween 2019 has begun and we couldn’t be more excited as we’re putting some brand spankin’ new contests and various challenges together! This is the place to win costumes, accessories and prizes to ensure your BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!

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The Spookiest Halloween Contests

When you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party, one of the best ways to get guests excited is to tell them there will be one or more Halloween contests, like a costume contest, and that the winners will receive a special prize. Some of your guests might even get creative and make a costume you may have never thought of. You, as the host, can decide what the prize will be. Some great examples are cash prizes, a type of gift basket, movie tickets, or beer, liquor, and wine are all also great ideas for prizes. If your costume contest is for kids, you can do other things to encourage children to enter, but prizes typically work the same way for kids as they do adults. You may want to hold onto the beer though!

In addition to the awesome prizes from your very own Halloween contests, you can also reward your guests with an award in the form of a belt or sash, sort of like one seen in a typical bridal party, so everyone knows that they were the winner. That way, they will be able to take home an awesome souvenir from your amazing Halloween party! If the party was for kids, what kind of child doesn’t want to brag about winning the Halloween contest they decided to enter?

You can feel free to offer a variety of victory sashes and awards for your costume contest. With different sashes being available for the funniest costumes, the scariest costumes, and, without a doubt, the very best overall costume of the evening, you, as Halloween contest host, can decide who is awarded which title, or you can choose a bipartisan guest to be the costume judge.

If you feel so inclined, you can always make it a vote, with party participants writing their favorites on paper to be collected and tallied to find the winner.

It’s not just party throwers who can get in on the Halloween contest game. Teachers can get their students excited for Halloween with a costume contest during their regular Halloween parties. Kids can enter to win special prizes, and put their amazing costume ideas to good use! A good way to make sure everyone's a winner at a children’s Halloween contest is to award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and participation ribbons, so that all the kids have something to show for the costume contest they decided to enter at school!

There are also a lot of bars and restaurants that throw Halloween contests, so be sure to explore our website to see the closest Halloween contest near you! It usually involves a costume, a cover charge, and the desire to get freaky on the dance floor! The fun thing about these types of contests is that it involves an adult crowd. Sexiest costume award? It could be yours! Who knows what kind of ghoulish prizes one could earn from such a spooky experience?

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