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Costume Characters Abound as National Unicorn Day Approaches

All hail the millennials and their never-ending obsession with all things nostalgic. Ya know, 17 million Americans can’t be wrong when it comes to the celebration of a magical, mythical creature associated with happiness, rainbows and sunshine. I mean… who doesn’t need a sprinkle of that in their Tuesday?

It’s that ache and longing for the simplicity of life before the world of tech took over, that drives our beloved Millennials to cling to their days gone by. Back when My Little Pony, the Funshine Care Bear and a rainbow-clad Trapper Keeper was standard issue. Add in the chaos of our current climate and the complexity of adult-ing in general, well, it’s no wonder that a fabled beast has become our obsession.

A quick google search offers up a plethora of possibilities when it comes to celebrating National Unicorn Day. From theme parties to one-horned happy hours, the options are endless and donning a magical mane is in order, no matter how you intend to celebrate. It’s no secret that Millennials embrace costuming - more than a third dress for Halloween (after all, that’s their favorite holiday!) “Unicorns are the zeitgeist character of this era, permeating all elements of pop culture from stationary to table decor to travel cushions and of course costumes,” said Gregor Lawson, CEO of Morphsuits.

So, for those with the legitimate concern regarding “what to wear” on National Unicorn Day, the Halloween & Costume Association has some spellbinding suggestions to pony up to.

  • Pet Krewe has the purrfect unicorn pet costume for your dog or cat. It’s soft, comfy and pretty darn cute! They even partnered with Pet Parade to launch a national costume contest! Get it on it @petkrewe on Insta.
  • Morphsuits and their giant inflatable unicorn costume is simply epic! Did you know that Scotland’s (the Morph homeland) national animal is the unicorn? True story! Follow @morphcostumes on Instagram.
  • Elope just launched their Lumen line offering up an illuminated unicorn horn to light up the night. Follow them on Instagram.
  • Fun World has a fabulous and flirty women’s unicorn costume. They can be found on Facebook @funworldcostumes
  • Dream Girl offers up several magical options like this unicorn beauty festival costume. @dreamgirlintl is where to find them on IG.
  • Rasta Imposta offers a manly mane with this men’s unicorn costume proving that men are just as magical. Find them in Insta @rastaimposta
  • Rubie’s has a tiny tot version of a flying unicorn and it’s super sweet! Keep up with them on Instagram @rubiescostumecompany

Costume Characters Abound as National Unicorn Day Approaches