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Halloween 2017 – The Best Darn Recap You’ll Likely See

Halloween 2017 – The Best Darn Recap You’ll Likely See

With over 50 companies on our roster, odds were in our favor that we’d have more than just a few goulish gurus to dish the details about every single aspect of Halloween. The frightful fellas at Morphsuits recently shared their insights into what went down in 2017!

  • Strong female characters ruled in 2017. Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn which are two very different types of superheroes held tight to the 1 & 2 spots. A testament to the enormous success of Wonder Woman and the ever-green nature of Harley who was top pick in 2016. Both characters have iconic costumes!
  • Clowns were back thanks to Pennywise, the exceptionally creepy shapeshifter in the 2017 Stephen King film, IT. After a sales slump in 2016 due to the global clown apocalypse which lead to some innocently dressed up clown’s being assaulted, clown costumes were back where they belonged at #3.
  • Princesses were once again a fan fave after falling behind Superheroes in ‘16, but thanks to a little help from epic Disney characters like Belle and Moana, the popularity of the Princess rose again!
  • The Unicorn – yes, the top trend animal of the year! Unicorns have been at the forefront of pop culture for a while now, from greeting cards to fashion to internet memes, so it made perfect sense when they made their way into Google’s Frightgeist top 5 costume list. Honorable mention to the Rabbit which has never been near the top 10 before which we think this is due to the sad passing of the Hef.
  • Definite disappointment of the year was Star Wars. At #30 this is far further back than anyone expected and potentially suggests that despite the promotional activity of The Last Jedi, the iconic character costume that people want to dress up in just didn’t exist.

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Halloween 2017 – The Best Darn Recap You’ll Likely See