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The Nonstop Pop-Up Shops of Halloween

The Nonstop Pop-Up Shops of Halloween

Halloween & Costume Association member, DG Brands recently weighed in on the decade long reign of Halloween pop-up shops and shared their opinions and expertise on why these flash in the pan stands have been picking up steam! The term itself, immediately conjures up images of abandoned retail centers coming to life with costumes during the Fall but thanks to major chains like Spirit and Spencer and of course the magical powers of the internet, the pop-up shop has a whole new meaning.

More and more established brands are launching pop-up stores and leveraging press events to reinforce their online distribution. No longer just a Halloween trend, we’re seeing this strategy play-out among other merchandise categories all year long.

Regardless, the hype around Halloween still ensures the highest sales per square foot, more than any other popup model. The estimated 5,000 units in North America each year generate an estimated $1.0 billion, adding to the overall holiday haul for the second largest holiday of ‘em all. 

Once dominated by mom & pop owners, the ever-evolving pop-up model now favors large chains with the ability to efficiently leverage operations and human resources across a greater number of units. All of this is good news for the brick and mortar folks as the battle for survival in an increasingly ecommerce dominated world continues.

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The Nonstop Pop-Up Shops of Halloween