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Safety Stuff You Didn’t Even Know

Safety Stuff You Didn’t Even Know

The stats are scary and totally legit, yep, 3,800 Halloween related injuries occur every single year, yikes! Beyond those top-of-mind tips about flashlights and reflective tape, let’s get real and talk about some cutting-edge costume incorporations and tech trends you can utilize to ensure supreme safety this year! Plus, we’ve got the skinny on that super tall tale surrounding poisoned candy!

Ok, let’s get the urban legend off the table! Sure, we always want to be conscious of what our kids are ingesting but the painstaking process of inspecting each individual piece of candy might be a bit over the top! Truth is – in the history of all of Halloween there has only ever been one documented case of poison candy and unbelievably it was very deliberately a disgruntled Dad who poisoned his own child about 50 years ago. So… let’s move on to some more pressing concerns.

Light up the night! Even if your costume of choice doesn’t come with lights, we challenge you to accessorize. These incredible LumenEars and LumenHorns that Elope launched this year will add a ton of visibility to your outfit. Even Fido can get in on the festivities with an illuminated costume from Rubies Pet Shop!

Plan your route in advance so you can keep tabs on your favorite dinosaurs and super heroes and yes… there’s an app for that! Who knew that Nextdoor was for more than just gossip and babysitter searches? Keep an eye on their site for the 2018 Treat Tracker which will help you navigate the neighborhood! You can even cross reference with the National Sex Offender Registry to make sure you mapped the best route!

A quick browse through the app store will reveal a bunch of cool options that offer everything from GPS tracking to GeoFences that allow you to set up safe zones for your child and then receive alerts when they leave those zones.

Lastly, unplug, stir up some nostalgia and tag along with your munchkins! Perfect time for some good ol fashion bonding while keeping a watchful eye… just don’t forget your costume!

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Safety Stuff You Didn’t Even Know