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Spooky Swag & Handout Hijinks

Spooky Swag & Handout Hijinks

Want to hang with the cool kids this Halloween? We’ve got some awesome ideas to solidify your house as the ultimate neighborhood haunt this year! Full size candy bars are always a hot ticket if you’ve got the big bucks but some other sure-fire hits are finger lasers, a healthy alternative called UNREAL candy or one of our ultimate faves, vampire teeth to ensure a fangtastic following year after year!

Halloween hydration is always a welcome addition to the holiday handouts and we love the simplicity of old school Fla-Vor-Ice and we’re aqua-obsessed with AquaBalls! Lastly, let’s not forget those over-worked, under-treated moms and pops out there this year. We happened upon these tasty treats on a flight to Comic-Con this year and fell in love with the entrepreneurial story behind BuzzBallz and then there’s the ultimate go-to when you’re feeling ultra-creative, the “Jack-or-Treat” combo! 

And just in case you’re dead set on the traditional treats, here’s a few stats to keep in mind while standing in the candy isle. 

  • 50% of kids prefer to receive chocolate candy for Halloween
  • 24% prefer non-chocolate candy
  • 10% just want some gum

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Spooky Swag & Handout Hijinks