Costume Ideas & Inspiration

It’s official! No Halloween heartache this year ‘cuz there are plenty of costumes for everyone! Still, if you’re having any trouble finding the perfect and unique costume that you won’t see a gazillion of them on the street while trick or treating… we have a ton of options that include Group Costumes, Similar Picks and Gettin’ Your DIY on!

Group & Couples Costumes

Did you know that most in-store and online costumes are sold singularly? For Real! Couples and Group costumes are super popular and easier to find and/or piece together!


  • The all-girl crew from the cult classic – The Craft
  • For you nostalgic lovers – The Sandlot
  • Wakanda Forever – Black Panther
  • The Right Stuff – New Kids on the Block
  • Kick it old school – The Rat Pack
  • It’s everything you ever want – The Greatest Showman
  • Who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus? – The Sanderson Sisters
  • What about your friends? – TLC
  • Nintendo, Xbox, Sega and more – Gamers


  • You’re the one that I want – Danny Zuco and Sandra Dee
  • Get your La La Land moves on point – Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
  • Didn’t we all binge watch Bridgerton? – Simon & Daphne
  • ET Phone Home – Elliot & Gertie
  • ‘Cuz this is Thriller – Michael Jackson & Ola Ray
  • I’ve had the time of my life – Johnny Castle & Baby Houseman
  • As If! – Dionne and Cher
  • Go up down, up down, up down – Lucious and Cookie

The Same but Different

Lookin for somethin’ similar? Here’s some popular costumes that you can take to the next level!

  • Witch – Sorcerer, Voodoo Doctor, Magician, Gypsy, Psychic
  • Rabbit – Arctic Fox, Baby Seal, Dog, Cat, Panda
  • Dinosaur – Alligator, Lizard, Turtle, Godzilla, Dragon
  • Ghost Face – Michael Myers, Candyman, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Jigsaw, Hannibal Lector
  • Squid Game – Characters from: The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Saw

Get Costume Specific

Is there only one costume for you and nothing else will do? Get creative and expand to a specific character or perhaps a different time period so your costume is more unique! Check out these vibe variations!

  • Witch – Sanderson Sister, The Wicked Witch of the West, Glinda the Good Witch, Hermione, Sabrina
  • Fairy – Tinkerbell, Tooth Fairy (or Dwayne Johnson’s Tooth Fairy!), Fairy Godmother
  • Pirate – Jack Sparrow, Dread Pirate Roberts (Princess Bride), Long John Silver, Captain Hook, Captain Barbosa
  • Harley Quinn – Cat Woman, Mystique, Dark Phoenix, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman
  • Cowboy – Woody, Jessie, The Lone Ranger, Yosemite Sam, James West (Wild Wild West)
  • Clown – Ronald McDonald, Pennywise, Bozo, Crusty, Jack Box, Homey D. Clown, The Joker, Patch Adams

Get Your Costume On!

With some incredible accessories, a few everyday items and a cauldron full of creativity, the HCA is here to save the day! If your book of spells just can’t conjure up the costume you originally envisioned, here’s some magic you can make on your own! You’re sure to find some DIY inspiration with this monster list of thought starters…


Google Frightgeist had the timeless WITCH holding on strong to the number one spot on their annual most popular costume list last year! Grab a black dress, some witchy shoes, a creepy makeup kit and don’t forget the broom!

Find It Here


Embrace the popularity of pop culture costumes this year and recreate the iconic Bernie Sanders meme. Just grab some mittens, a puffy coat and don’t forget the folding chair!

Find It Here


Ready to embrace your inner mythical creature? Pair this with a leotard, tail, rainbow leg warmers and sparkly shoes OR for you Midwest and East Coast folks, jump into your one piece fuzzy PJ’s! Don’t forget the rainbow face makeup!

Find It Here

Golden Girl

Thank you for being a friend! In fact, grab three of your besties and piece together a golden group costume! Hit the thrift store for a fabulous frock, ankle nylons, granny shoes and some horn-rimmed glasses. Don’t forget to clutch your pearls!

Find It Here


Light up the night with a UV Skull mask. A black cloak or even a dark color hoodie will make your skeleton costume come to life!

Find It Here


One of the top 3 costumes of Halloween 2021 was the Rabbit! Whether you’re the cute and fluffy kind wearing a fuzzy blanket sleeper and a tail or you’re the Playboy bunny type with a leotard, tights and a bowtie… you’ll want to grab a pair of sound activated moving ears!

Find It Here


Perhaps you can’t quite decide which one is the Morphsuit of your dreams or maybe you just want a big bang with minimal effort! Don a suit, a hoodie or even a cape to morph into the grim reaper!

Find It Here

Lion (PET)

Don’t forget about Mr. Fluffy pants! If your fave fuzzy friend isn’t frantic about a head to tail costume, you can start with the furry mane and ease your lil fluff-n-stuff on in to costuming!

Find It Here


Who ya gonna call? Start with a body suit and have some fun playing dress up! Mix n match with a black tutu, oversized tall scrunchy socks and a white cape or some cheese cloth!

Find It Here


The show must go on! Pick up a multi-color wig or whip up a wild hairstyle with some color spray. Hit the thrift store or the back of your closet for some funky colors, patterns and sizes to pull off the perfect clown! Suspenders, a bike horn, clown shoes and some face paint will complete the look!

Find It Here


Gotta catch ’em all! This is a fun one for a group or couples costume too! Grab anything yellow – pajamas, a dress, a jogging suit! Buy or make your own Pokemon ball and don’t forget the face paint for those round rosy cheeks!

Find It Here


Like it’s the Roaring 20’s all over again! Mix n match with a wig, feather boa, satin gloves, jewelry and a vintage glam dress from the local thrift store!

Find It Here

The Devil’s in the details! Start with a rock solid makeup kit and throw on a black shirt and pants or go all in with a cape, pointy tail, voice changer and pitch fork!

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Whether you’re a woodland fairy, a pixy or some other fantastical creature you conjure up, you can’t go wrong with the right set of horns! Pair with wings, a wand, sparkle face paint and a pouch full of fairy dust and you’ll be creating magic all Halloweekend long!

Find It Here


Whether you grab a mask, a makeup kit or an oversized cloak, putting together a creepy Alien look is easy with the rand hands! Don’t forget the Reese’s Pieces!

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Where in the world have you been? Pair the iconic glasses and beanie with a stripe shirt, backpack, compass, walking stick and the tried and true khaki pants!

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